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We engineer your software based ideas.


Software Engineering and Development

We offer comprehensive, strategic solutions to help you expertly design and develop your software. All applications follow an engineering cycle and specific level of protocol to ensure fool-proof development and spectacular results.

Web Design and Development

Improve the overall position and authority of your website with the help of our expert development team, who continue to provide bespoke, responsive designs that our clients love.

Mobile Development

Propel your brand and your business further and create proficient lead generators by developing access to a mobile development structure. We assist with high-end mobile app development to ensure that your systems are Androis and iOS-ready.

SEO and Marketing

Get ahead of your competition and enhance your website’s visibility. We can ensure that your webpage performs well enough to receive accreditation from search engines, and bring you into contact with a wider client base.

Achievements unlocked 

Below are examples of a variety of successfully completed projects, in which our clients have been empowered by comprehensive software solutions, boosting the authority and power of their online presence.

How We Progress 

Smart Planning & Consultancy.

We take stock of the project and its on-going progress, and meet with you to discuss a comprehensive list of strategies to improve your current online presence.

Cognitive Designing & Prototyping.

We provide you with samples of ideas, giving you a clear sense of where the project could go and ensuring that you feel comfortable with each element- it is your business, and your rules!

Rapid Deployment & Intergration.

Our creative team will ensure that each element meets our company’s high standards of web development, and we supervise each step of the process so that you are given a step-by-step account of each element as it is produced.

Efficient Quality Management & Assurance.

After completion of the project, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive troubleshooting and we ensure that any issues are monitored and recorded, in the event that you’d like to commit to long-term plans for your company’s web solutions with us.

Get Ideal Quotations For Your Product Plan And Development. 

We’ve worked with some heavyweights

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    Jacqueline Lewis via ParkandJames
  • “WeDevz Agency is one of Odesk’s (now Upwork’s) elite contractors. Here are some points on where they excel: -Speed -Reliability -Works during US business hours -Communication; has perfect English SPEAKING skills. I dare you to find a contractor that is better than WeDevz in any of those 4 areas. You’ll probably be searching for that Freelancer for a while if you haven’t found WeDevz.”

    Brian Keleman via BKWebPro
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    JK Daha via PWiseCapital
  • “Usman is a professional Programmer. He finished my job successfully and very efficiently. The best thing about Usman is he is always available online to help you whenever you need it, and he also finishes his work on time. He is a professional programmer i recommend him to everyone for any web related task whether thats a programming or Web Design work. Thank you so much Usman i am looking forward to work with you in the future.”

    Sarmad via Upwork
  • “Rayed was amazing, he was so knowledgeable and solved so many problems for me. I used him over and over on several projects and cant wait to use him again. you would be lucky if you get to hire him and his team all the best Jimmy B.”

    Jimmy Bornamann via Express Biz Solutions
  • “Great experience!”

    Antonio via ABCCapitalInvestments

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